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«Hvass&Hannibal is a design and art studio based in Copenhagen, established in 2006 by Sofie Hannibal and Nan Na Hvass. We work with art and design - basically everything from album covers to music videos, graphic art, silkscreening, art direction, illustration, installation and lots more...»



western spaghetti

Différent de celui que cath a fait hier, mais sûrement tout aussi bon.




Ci-haut, les shot of the day des trois derniers jours.

«POLANOID was invented because the magic of Polaroid pictures, the thrilling Edwin Land story and the charme and touch of Polaroid cameras hit us like a sledge hammer.

Hungry for real analog, good smelling pictures in a digital world, we decided to swim against the stream and to reset our focus and start the biggest, best and most instant online photo community ever. Stuffed with millions of Polaroids, collected and uploaded by Polaroid addicts all over the planet.

It was a long way before we finally write this lines, just a few days before the official launch of POLANOID.NET.

It all started at the lomographic headquaters back in June 2004 with this first Polaroid that we aber made, using a holga with colored flash and a Polaroid back. Even if this picture will never make it to any art-gallery it opened our eyes and heart for the unique advantages of real analog photography.»


Hannan Waldron


samuel françois

«De l’espace urbain à la galerie, en se perdant par les bois, laissez vous prendre au jeu de la couleur.»

Découvert par le biais de It's Nice That.




Comment je me sens? Bah... j'ai envie de me construire une cabane en coussins de divan et m'y cacher avec des livres pour la nuit.

«The Fort series consist of collaborative forts created with male friends in their home. Each fort was built in under two hours. All materials for the forts were found on location and no aspect of the fort was preplanned.»