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exercice de style #2: the presentation

The dress interaction will be presented through a short black and white movie created in collaboration with filmmaker Tom Fennario.

visual inspiration

Institute Benjaminta, Quay Brothers, 1995

Rough scenario:
An emply room, where a sewing machine and a pair of tailor's scissors are found on a table, inanimate. Slowly, the sounds of a busy workshop are heard. A women is sitting in front of the sewing machine. Her seat seems disproportional for the machine table. The sounds are slowly fading out. A subtle vibration is creating a wave in the dress. Zoom on the murmuring texture of the dress. The scissors are falling on the floor. Sounds of metallic tools are fading in. The women is slowly picking up the scissors. She opens widely the scissors, close to the felt, threatening. Sounds are fading out. The dress is murmuring again, softly, quivering. The women close the pair of scissors. Sounds of fabric being cut by metallic scissorsfading in. View of the empty room.