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post industrial folk wear

Mau (Marian Schoettle) designed this collection of simple coats and accessories made from Tyvek. She has an interesting view on her process and on materiality:
"The garments are essentially built: with all detail emerging from construction decisions. The material is featherweight tyvek(R): a high performance non woven taken from construction and graphic trades and adapted and manipulated here for personal use. Along with excellent performance properties, I was drawn to the material because it looks fragile and perishable like paper but is in fact a tough and resistant modern material. (Partially recycled and is recyclable)

I am not interested in making hard or perfect futuristic clothing, smart clothing, or high design. I am trying to coax the genie that is so commonly found in folk wear to appear in work that is of our time. [...] The work is designed in my studio in the Hudson Valley, sewn in the NYC Garment District under the auspices of the Garment Industry Development Corporation. The material is made in the USA, surplus materials are gathered from the local computer, snowboard and automotive industries, and design studio scraps are recycled."