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squaring the square

By Lisa Shanio, Moscow:
"Collection is called Squaring the Square because each of the six models is based on a similar division principle – as in the title problem. The whole collection is based on rectangular pieces of various length and width ranging from rectangles to squares sewn together and bonded in different order (there are only two models where several curved lines have been used).The scanning of shoes construction also represents a rectangle cut out from PVC, overturned in a certain order and fixed in accordance with the foot shape."

Even if the general look of the collection is far from my own aesthetic, I appreciate this dress for its integration of simple mathematical patterns and the its integration in a 3D shape; the body. The origamic effect, as usual, has a strong attraction on me. I enjoy the way she let some "traces" of the folds, like a paper material would have done. The dress seems to be woven with giant ribbons, creating an interesting space for the arms.

I also found these process pictures that are quite interesting on her flicker:
Found via fashioning technology.

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