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why I need things

This is a representation of one of my favorite piece of clothing, the Melting Dress from Eve Gravel. This dress makes me feel incredibly good when I wear it. It has some masculine attributes, inspired by tuxedo: the black cotton twill material and the Gladstone inspired collar lined in black satin. I admit those make me feel stronger. The way I received it was quite magic, and it makes me feel proud to wear a local designer's piece.

This is an illustration of the book of 20, The Exhibition of Martin Margiela at the MOMU, Antwerp. It is the catalog of this retrospective of his work.
Martin Margiela being one of my favorite designer, this book is a constant inspirational source. Non-available in North America, my friend Catherine brought it back from Europe for me a year ago. I feel lucky of having it in my bookcase.

This is a toy reproduction of a sewing machine that a good friend of mine gave me.
Colorful and playful (you can crank it and it imitates sewing!), this little toy reminds me that I always have to find pleasure in work. I identify strongly to it, as the sewing machine is one of my work tool.

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