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impermanent realities

By Julie Legault, master's student at The RCA:
" 'Interconnecting atmospheric pieces reveal glimpses of inner identities' transform a piece into a moment.

Lighting up according to the wearer's movement, each piece contains a single light, battery unit and magnet. The battery lifespan being voluntarily ephemeral, as is the hooded garment itself, the pieces must awaken attachment in the wearer before time/power runs out, in order to sustain their value and significance, while revealing layers of identity and the impermanence of realities."

Those delicate and organic handmade jewelry objects are creating a soft and soothing atmosphere. I would just want to fall asleep holding this project, replacing the traditional lullaby an night light. Julie, who is my close friend, chose as a starting point for her project a piece of my Tactile Hoodies series. Here she explains why:

"Her hoodie, from the Tactile Hoodies collection made at Concordia University, revisits 'Impressions and sensations' that come about wearing and experiencing a familiar garment in not-so-familiar materials.

I chose the 'Kodell Hoodie' because of its dreaminess, its seemingly purity as well as the sharp contrast between its look and actual feel (not at all soft and cushy and cloud-like.) The hoodie embodies contrast and seems to be made of magic and stormy winter nights.

The hoodie is classified in the 'adorning' category by Anne-Marie for her upcoming book project, which is perfectly perfect for my project.

This idea of collaboration, of taking an 'overcoat' from a known source is very important to me, as product attachment, the idea of memory, stories and symbolism do play a part in my work."

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